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'Sample schematic or recomendations for ICSP on 16F'
2005\11\20@230414 by M Graff

Does anyone have a ICSP circuit that works with the 16F648A chip?  I'm
capable of using the diode trick for Vpp/MCLR, and Vss is trivial (just
tie it to the ICSP's ground), and a large enough resistor from the
_real_ Vdd to the chip's Vdd pin seems pretty trivial.

My problem is I'm using RB6/PGC and RB7/PGD to drive LEDs through a 330
ohm resistor.  How can I use these are I/O lines and still keep them
available for ICSP?  I can imagine using a buffer there, but that's an
additional chip I'd rather avoid using if at all possible.


2005\11\21@121824 by Padu

picon face
Take a look at PICFlash from mikroelektronika (, they have a
nice solution for that.



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