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'SMT 4MHz crystals'
2011\01\12@181904 by peter green

Most of my previous PIC designs were through hole and I just put the crystal on the top and the tracks on the bottom meaning no possibility of a short even if the board is not soldermasked or the soldermask gets damaged (I don't like to rely on soldermask).

I have a design with a 4MHz crystal (I could change to a 16MHz crystal and disable the PLL but i'd rather not) and a TQFP pic.  Currently I am using a through hole HC49/S crystal mounted on the bottom. This works fine and uses a crystal style that is readilly availiable but having just one component on the bottom seems plain weird and I could imagine it confusing those who will be doing the assembly. I dont want to put it on top because of the aforementioned risk of shorts if there is any issue with the soldermask.

So I went looking for SMT 4MHz crystals on farnell and was surprised at how poor the range was. There were a number of what appear to be HC49/S crystals on SMT mounting plates but they take up a lot of board area (they would take up more top side area than the current soloution of a TH crystal on the bottom). There are also a few other packages but they don't appear to be much smaller and they all appear to be manufacturer specific. Checking RS and mouser gave much the same.

I'd like to know what others here do for crystals with SMT PIC

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