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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'pasm -> mpasm translator'
1995\08\13@121946 by Aaron Wohl
1995\08\15@142244 by Claus K|hnel
'Jeff Slaton spamming'
1995\08\16@170318 by PETE KLAMMER
'Spammer Blacklist (was: "Jeff 'Deathwish' Slaton")'
1995\08\16@210733 by Andrew Warren
'Jeff "The Spammer" Slaton'
1995\08\17@202002 by David B. Thomas
1995\08\17@221642 by au156
1995\08\18@082902 by Bob Fisher
1995\08\21@231809 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]
'Answer to SORGI, Slaton etc.'
1995\08\22@011017 by Mick Kunstelj
'Jeff "The Spammer" Slaton'
1995\08\22@153727 by Benjamin Britt
', aka Jeff Slaton's latest spam.'
1995\08\28@184014 by Tim Braun

'slave & master configuration'
1995\11\08@093652 by Kamran Rahimi
1995\11\08@182615 by Arne Alsvik
1995\11\09@040934 by Conny Andersson
1995\11\09@153419 by John Payson
1995\11\10@033944 by Newfound Electronics
1995\11\10@044747 by John Payson
1995\11\10@073547 by David Knell
1995\11\11@040111 by Newfound Electronics
1995\11\11@154856 by John Payson
1995\11\12@082659 by Newfound Electronics
1995\11\13@004606 by John Payson
1995\11\13@091753 by Newfound Electronics
1995\11\13@125709 by Martin Nilsson
1995\11\14@082643 by Newfound Electronics
1995\11\14@084544 by Ray Bellis
1995\11\15@090947 by eyal
'Self-timed bus protocols (was: slave & master conf'
1995\11\20@121318 by Martin Nilsson
1995\11\21@031052 by John Payson
1995\11\21@031052 by John Payson

'PECL translator.'
1996\03\21@104815 by Mark A. Corio
1996\03\21@140124 by Scott Dattalo
1996\03\21@170816 by Innovative_Technologies

'Parallel Slave Port Inverts?'
1996\05\30@175305 by rdmiller

'Supposed "inverting" slave port...'
1996\06\05@170717 by rdmiller

'CCS Slave I2C Example?'
1996\10\30@164934 by Norm Cramer

'Two wire I2C SLAVE code...'
1996\12\03@135324 by mike
1996\12\03@184429 by Steve Hardy
1996\12\03@192425 by ang (Chee Foon Tiang)
'I2C bit-banged slave start condition detector'
1996\12\05@005932 by ang (Chee Foon Tiang)
'slagging 84's'
1996\12\09@192402 by Tony Matthews
1996\12\09@220123 by John Payson
1996\12\09@231327 by Tony Matthews
1996\12\10@032922 by John Payson
1996\12\10@192247 by Tony Matthews
1996\12\10@234812 by John Payson
1996\12\11@195158 by Tony Matthews
'RS-422 to RS-232 translation'
1996\12\20@140652 by calladus
'pic16c84 to pic12c508 code translation'
1996\12\30@120213 by Gerry Smith

'3 volt emulator translator'
1997\01\09@182722 by Jerry English
'I2C SLAVE code'
1997\01\15@131110 by pxico
1997\01\16@074014 by Werner Terreblanche
'RS-422 to RS-232 translation'
1997\01\30@011442 by gary skinner

'slave I2C for 16C74'
1997\02\14@152351 by pxico
'I2C slave routine for 16C74'
1997\02\17@050754 by pxico
'PIC network (multi master & multi slave)'
1997\02\25@085204 by Camaldo ( Edp Manager )
1997\02\25@100307 by Andy Kunz
'Parallel Slave Port (was: Instruction encodings)'
1997\02\25@130822 by Brian Boles

'Bit BF (Buffer Full) in I2C Slave Mode'
1997\03\04@111412 by Lums Miguel Sequeira
1997\03\05@031827 by Dag Bakken
'PIC16C74 parallel slave port'
1997\03\06@194504 by Michael N. Steen
1997\03\07@210018 by Michael N. Steen
1997\03\07@221750 by Andy Kunz
1997\03\08@202451 by Michael N. Steen
1997\03\08@213244 by rrasa
1997\03\09@170513 by Michael N. Steen
1997\03\10@185242 by Michael N. Steen
'SPI slave-mode on the 16c6X'
1997\03\18@162119 by Don Raines
'Parallel Slave Port'
1997\03\18@184810 by Gary Marten
1997\03\18@205513 by Gary Marten
'SPI slave-mode on the 16c6X'
1997\03\18@222332 by Kevin Russell
1997\03\19@094712 by Kevin Russell
'Parallel Slave Port'
1997\03\19@171023 by Michael N. Steen
'16C84 as I2C Slave'
1997\03\25@074231 by Elvin Slavik
1997\03\25@094308 by Antti Lukats
1997\03\25@204822 by John Payson
1997\03\26@012124 by Todd Peterson
1997\03\26@120250 by Mike Smith
1997\03\26@193346 by Mike Smith
'PIC16C74 parallel slave port - final remark'
1997\03\31@172546 by Michael N. Steen

'PASMX to MPASM translator?'
1997\05\14@063545 by wterreb

'Mislabelled crystal?'
1997\06\03@141608 by Brian Scearce
1997\06\03@155221 by John Payson
1997\06\04@004227 by Mike Smith
1997\06\05@063639 by Frank A. Vorstenbosch
1997\06\06@061521 by lmclaren

'16C63 / C73 - I2C SLAVE'
1997\08\14@030107 by Dave Russell

'[OT] HPGL translator/converter'
1997\09\03@035714 by David BALDWIN
'[OT] HPGL translator/converter -Reply'
1997\09\03@060058 by Chee Foon Tiang
1997\09\03@061346 by David BALDWIN
'[OT] HPGL translator/converter -Reply -Reply'
1997\09\03@063031 by Chee Foon Tiang
1997\09\03@085452 by Sten Dahlgren
1997\09\04@040730 by David BALDWIN
'Need Help: PIC slave SPI works with 68HC11 master '
1997\09\07@183424 by Jerry Meng
'16C63 / C73 - I2C SLAVE'
1997\09\24@063333 by Dave Russell
1997\09\24@071456 by Thomas Magin
'I2C SLAVE code for 16c73, 16c74'
1997\09\25@034036 by Frank Temmerman
1997\09\26@112418 by Chen Ruihong
1997\09\26@114907 by Thomas Magin

'I2C Master and Slave!'
1997\10\27@131135 by Alf_Kare Riisnaes
1997\10\27@185654 by Walter Markiw

'Building a better Tesla coil'
1997\11\04@084942 by stephens
1997\11\05@135401 by lilel
1997\11\05@140820 by Pierce Nichols
1997\11\07@020906 by Scott Stephens
1997\11\08@074342 by paulb
'Re[2]: Building a better Tesla coil-Sorry but i ha'
1997\11\10@090428 by sajjad.akhtar

'SSP in I2C slave transmit problem'
1997\12\10@090833 by Keith Howell
1997\12\10@130718 by Dmitry Kiryashov
1997\12\11@073108 by Keith Howell
1997\12\11@130231 by Keith Howell
'I2c slave'
1997\12\11@132530 by Alessandro Zummo
'[OT] Re: SSP in I2C slave transmit problem'
1997\12\11@135227 by Gary T. Pepper
'I2c slave'
1997\12\12@122020 by Giorgio Alboni
1997\12\12@133809 by Alessandro Zummo
'SSP in I2C slave transmit problem'
1997\12\15@180831 by rustyc
1997\12\16@060916 by Keith Howell
1997\12\16@153111 by John Payson
1997\12\17@090430 by Keith Howell
1997\12\17@095922 by Thomas Magin
1997\12\17@112752 by Keith Howell
1997\12\17@114904 by Marc Heuler
1997\12\17@121312 by Thomas Magin
1997\12\17@124240 by XYGAX
1997\12\17@130123 by Keith Howell
1997\12\17@130330 by Keith Howell
1997\12\18@025457 by Thomas Magin
1997\12\18@051943 by Keith Howell
1997\12\18@063317 by bam-mon
1997\12\18@070300 by Andy Kunz
1997\12\18@071137 by WF AUTOMACAO
1997\12\18@130125 by Keith Howell
1997\12\18@130136 by Keith Howell
1997\12\19@073802 by Thomas Magin
1997\12\19@175912 by johnb
'16c74 slave port'
1997\12\20@073403 by ri Flores Blanco
1997\12\20@114332 by W.A.L. Passchier
'port D slave'
1997\12\31@080805 by Yuri Flores Blanco

'Master/Slave bus'
1998\01\09@093713 by Charles Laforge
'I2C Slave Funtionality'
1998\01\14@100527 by Najemy, Daniel
1998\01\14@104319 by Charles Laforge
1998\01\14@114125 by Keith Howell
1998\01\14@122304 by Najemy, Daniel
1998\01\15@073835 by Keith Howell
1998\01\15@075940 by Najemy, Daniel
1998\01\15@082514 by Keith Howell
1998\01\15@091332 by Najemy, Daniel

'50MHZ Freq Meter translation(soon to be: stealing '
1998\02\11@020144 by Bob Blick
'16Cxx I2C slave code request'
1998\02\12@000902 by Rick Farmer
1998\02\12@035135 by Thomas Magin
1998\02\12@183712 by Dan Walkowski
1998\02\13@070106 by Thomas Magin

'I2C Slave code in C wanted'
1998\03\03@140255 by Craig Lee

'I2C slave in PIC'
1998\04\06@120824 by Andy Kunz
1998\04\06@161722 by Norman Gillaspie
1998\04\07@055835 by Keith Howell
'ceramic resonators // I2C slave // easy RF xmit/re'
1998\04\14@121605 by Jason Sachs
1998\04\14@200620 by Felix Centeno
'I2C slave in PIC'
1998\04\16@042438 by Thomas Magin
'[OT] Sensor to count slates?'
1998\04\18@085455 by aama–o
1998\04\20@102008 by Tom Handley
1998\04\20@173904 by XYGAX
'I2CSLAVE driver for SSP modules, will this work?'
1998\04\20@174026 by Craig Lee
'[OT] Sensor to count slates?'
1998\04\25@083746 by aama–o
1998\04\26@155405 by Tom Handley
1998\04\27@080153 by Simon Melhuish
1998\04\27@095055 by Bill Cornutt
'Anti-Slamming: In support of MPLAB 3.40'
1998\04\27@152851 by Craig Lee
'[OT] Sensor to count slates?'
1998\04\27@173518 by Chris Eddy
1998\04\28@181652 by aama–o
1998\04\29@005250 by ape
1998\04\29@153852 by Tom Handley
1998\04\30@083818 by aama–o

'[OT] Sensor to count slates?'
1998\05\01@032812 by wft
1998\05\04@063440 by aama–o
1998\05\04@085556 by Bill Cornutt
1998\05\04@094120 by Bill Cornutt
1998\05\04@095906 by Andy Kunz
1998\05\04@122342 by Bill Cornutt
1998\05\04@135244 by David VanHorn
'I2C slave mode problem'
1998\05\07@035433 by HŒvard T¿rring
1998\05\07@061117 by Keith Howell
'I2C master to slave byte xfer, which one ack's?'
1998\05\15@115045 by david schmidt
1998\05\15@120242 by Andrew Warren
1998\05\16@062618 by Hans Blichfeldt
'WAKEUP of 16C73 by synchronous slave RX'
1998\05\27@174447 by Amundsen, Finn
1998\05\27@182655 by Mike Keitz
1998\05\28@074350 by Amundsen, Finn

'5v to 3-6v translation'
1998\06\11@021812 by Alan King
'I2C-Slave Code for 16C84'
1998\06\23@032646 by Peter Seyringer

'Re[2]: I2C master to slave byte xfer, which one ac'
1998\07\22@132549 by Martin Green

'Parallel slave port'
1998\08\29@213523 by Frans Gunawan
1998\08\30@191236 by myke predko

'I2C Slave in Software?'
1998\09\02@114200 by Martin Green
1998\09\02@120657 by David Reinagel

'CCS C Compiler I2C Slave Mode'
1998\10\06@164832 by Bob Carter
1998\10\07@154351 by Rich Lundeen
'I2C slave SSPAD'
1998\10\09@075742 by Ivan Cenov
1998\10\09@125121 by Bob Carter
1998\10\09@151311 by Ralph Landry

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