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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Saerching for 16C66 / 76'
1998\06\17@111732 by Antonio Pasini
1998\06\20@082533 by Jorge Ferreira

'[EE]: Looking for routines for SAE J1587 Transmitt'
2000\09\21@145332 by Kurt Howard
2000\09\22@044241 by Dave McLaughlin

'[AD]Au Group Electronics SAE J1939 simulator Gen I'
2008\07\12@225456 by Funny NYPD
2008\07\13@073401 by Vitaliy
2008\07\13@081743 by Tomás Ó hÉilidhe
2008\07\13@103316 by Roger, in Bangkok
2008\07\13@175058 by Vitaliy
2008\07\13@200310 by Antonio L. Benci

'[OT] Au Group Electronics SAE J1939 simulator Gen '
2008\08\02@162308 by Funny NYPD
2008\08\07@014622 by Vitaliy

'[OT] SAE Manufacturer ID'
2017\09\30@174459 by Isaac M. Bavaresco

'[OT] SAE Manufacturer ID'
2017\10\02@085037 by Isaac M. Bavaresco
2017\10\02@095617 by Rodolfo

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