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'Running MPLAB under WINE - does it work?'
2005\08\28@111150 by John Nall

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I know that in theory one could run MPLAB under WINE, but does anyone
actually do it???  If so, how well does it work?  I don't know much
(anything, actually) about WINE but my understanding is that it
primarily acts as an interface to allow Windows system calls to be
mapped onto the equivalent Unix system calls (I feel sure that statement
is an oversimplification, but generally speaking isn't that the way it
works?)  Does the use of MPLAB under WINE (assuming someone is using it
and has glowing reports) imply that one could then use the ICD2 (with
MPLAB ) also?

I know about LPLAB, but I need ASM30.  Sure would like to run my stuff
under Linux, though.  The problem has to do with file access, since I
have different tools in Linux that I use to write a program with.  Right
now, I have to transfer the assembler file from Linux to Windows, and
since my version of Linux cannot write to an NTFS-formatted disk, I have
to use a roundabout way of transferring them.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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