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'Rotary Shaft Encoders from Digi-Key'
1998\07\25@115229 by Thomas McGahee

Some data for your files.

Digi-Key sells the following 3 pin rotary encoders that use
continuous rotation quadrature output:

Bournes 9mm Square/Sealed Encoder. 6 pulses/rev. 3 pin, 2 bit.
Contact bounce at 15 rpm = 5 ms max
Max operating rpm = 120
Right angle mount Digi-Key 3315C-1-006-ND cost $2.59
Vertical mount Digi-Key 3315Y-1-006-ND cost $2.59

CTS 16mm 10K rev life. 16 pulses/rev. 3 pin, 2 bit.
non-dentented Digi-Key CT3001-ND $2.47
detented Digi-Key CT3002-ND $2.47

Panasonic. 15 pulses/rev. 30 detents/rev. 3 pin, 2 bit.
At 1 rev/sec the bounce is less than 5 ms. 15K rev life.
Includes a separate SPST push-on switch.
11 mm Rotary Sq vert with Switch Digi-Key P80675-ND $6.79

Panasonic. 24 pulses.rev. 24 detents/rev. (3 pins used) 2 bit.
(4 physical pins, 1 not used)
At 1 rev/sec the bounce is less than 5 ms. 50K rev life.
14 mm rotary sq vert
Digi-Key P80685-ND $2.97
Digi-Key P80695-ND $2.97
Digi-Key P80705-ND $2.97
(The difference is in the size of the shaft)

The following is not a quadrature type switch, but
rather an absolte position GRAY scale encoded rotary
that is useful for determining absolute position.
CTS 16mm 10K rev life. 16 codes/rev. 6 pin, 4 bit
non-dentented Digi-Key CT3003-ND $3.35

Digi-Key also sells several more expensive rotary encoders
of the quadrature type ranging from $20 - $50 that will
handle millions of revs.

Quadrature encoders are very easy to use. They make good
menu selector input devices. The phase of the quadrature
tells you the direction of rotation.

Hope this helps.
Fr. Tom McGahee

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