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PICList Thread
1996\12\29@173140 by Tim Kerby

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What exactly is subsumption and how do you usually implent it in a PIC?
I have vague ideas but I am not quite sure.  I would also like to know of
any robotics mailing lists and newsgroups.


1996\12\29@230821 by John E. Nelson

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>robotics mailing lists and newsgroups


1996\12\30@114310 by John Piccirillo

>What exactly is subsumption

  Roughly (that is all I know), subsumption is a fixed priority scheme that
determines which modules message gets where.  For instance, if several modules
send a message to a motor, the message from a higher priority module can
subsume (or replace) the message from a lower priority module.  In practice,
there are many more implementation characteristics.  This method was pioneered
by Rodney Brooks, who heads the robotics lab at MIT.  The best description is
in the book, 'Minimalist Mobile Robotics', by Jonathan Connell (Academic Press,

>and how do you usually implent it in a PIC?

  Don't know.  The original system used several processors linked by comm lines
and some additional external logic to handle the subsumption.  The above book
describes the workings.

>I have vague ideas but I am not quite sure.  I would also like to know of
>any robotics mailing lists and newsgroups.

 Try the robotics FAQ by ftp from in directory

 There's a new publication called The Robotics Digest coming out in January;
mail to (the publisher) to inquire.

 I'm also beginning a PIC based robot, e-mail me privately.


1997\10\19@010230 by Eric Naus
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Hi ,

I have uploaded a schematic to control 14 R/C servos.

The code for 2 x PIC16C84 is also included.

My site is at

Bye for now


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