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'Robotic List?'
1995\10\21@103200 by Mark A. Corio

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Over the last month or so I have seen several references to robotic
applications (including hobby, etc.) on this list.  Does anyone know of a
similar list on robotic topics.  I am more interested in unique applications
or hobby applications than I am in industrial applications.  I would like to
build something that would catch people's attention at trade shows, etc..  I
plan to use PIC processors in anything I build as I have some experience with
them and I am happy with them so far.  I am also considering applications
that may require multiple processors.  Does anyone have any exotic
suggestions?  I have thought of walking spider-like robots, wall climbing
robots, robots with vision systems to track and collect business cards thrown
on a table and such other ideas but could use some additional suggestions.
Thanks for any input.

Mark A. Corio
Rochester MicroSystems, Inc.
200 Buell Road, Suite 9
Rochester, NY  14624
Tel:  (716) 328-5850
Fax:  (716) 328-1144

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1995\10\21@203750 by Ben L Wirz

       If you have news group access, check out comp.robotics.misc.  It
is just what you looking for.  They also have a very good FAQ about
robotics, I.E. supplier and suggestion.  I don't have the WWW address but
it is not hard to find if you do a search, email me if you can't find it.


On Sat, 21 Oct 1995, Mark A. Corio wrote:

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