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PICList Thread
'Robot Mailing List Contest - Win Free Stuff'
1999\04\28@225505 by Ben Wirz

HobbyRobot.Com is currently hosting our second Robot Mailing List Contest.
To participate you must be member of the Robot Mailing List, see our info
page for subscription details.  The
goal of the contest is develop a Glossary of Robot & Related Technology
terms for Robot Builders to use as an online reference.

On May 19th we will be giving away three prizes.

Grand Prize: The new YAP PICmicro Development Kit and Programming &
Customizing the PICmicro Book ($125 Value)

Two Runner Ups will each receive a copy of the new Mobile Robots:
Inspiration to Implementation Book, 2nd Edition. (A $32 Value)

To participate, subscribe to the robot mailing list and post an entry with
some definitions directly to the list.   See our contest page for complete

I hope hear from you on the Robot Mailing List!

Ben Wirz
Wirz Electronics

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