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PICList Thread
'Replies are coming direct to me!!!!!!'
2000\04\13@154709 by briang

In-Reply-To: <>

Replies to my messages are coming direct to me instead of to the list!

Please check before you send that you are sending to the list if that is
what you intend.

Maybe something on the list server ought to be re-configured?

I presume this is happening because my messages are sent with a
Reply-to: line in the header which I cannot turn off unless I use a
different email account.

Brian Gregory.

2000\04\13@155949 by M. Adam Davis

You are correct in blaming your reply-to: line.  The piclist server will only
put its address in the reply-to line if it is empty or nonexistant.  This si as
it should be, so we can control whether replies go to us or to the piclist
depending on what we are posting...

I'm sorry to hear your current email account won't let you change that setting.
It could be an anti-spam prevention added by your ISP...?  You might try talking
to them about it, or getting a seperate account elswhere...

Many people assume that if you have it set up this way then you want copies of
the replies, or personal replies.


Brian Gregory wrote:
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