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'Rectifier Question'
2003\02\09@083811 by Olin Lathrop

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> Basically, I have a transformer that goes to a full
> wave rectifier, and then the positive part of the rectifier is fed into
> input of the regulator. As soon as I connect the input of the regulator to
> output of the rectifier, the voltage at the input jumps up to ~45V.
> the regulator connected, the voltage at the output of the rectifier holds
> ~25V. Checking the negative side, with no regulator connected, it gives
a -
> 25V - so it's symmetric, which it seems fine. But as soon as I connect the
> regulator, when the positive swings up to 45, the negative becomes
about -5.
> How come the voltage swings like that? Is this normal? Is there anyway I
> control it?

I am a bit confused about your exact circuit and between which two points
you are taking the voltage measurements.  Show the schematic of your setup
and indicate exactly where you are taking the voltage measurements if you
want more help.

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