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'Real-Time Clock and other problems...'
1995\05\18@054526 by divanov

Dan says:

... snip snip ...
> ... So, the latest vote is Philips is not a plug-n-play solution.  If not,
> does anyone have any sources for I2C routines or a better way to do this?
... snip snip ...

Look at Microchip application notes AN541 and specifically AN554 (I2C
master mode implementation). I could mail you another master mode
implementation using the Parallax assembly code, if you'd like me to...

Can someone help me sort my PCLATH problem. I'm trying to access two look-up
tables, each about 200 bytes long, in a 16C84. The first table is located in
the fist 256 bytes of the prog memory and works OK, but the second one is a
real bugger to access. I tried shifting the table around and modifying PCLATH,
but don't seem to get it right. Please assist.


Richard Ivanov, Cape Town <-- new politically correct sig

1995\05\18@111056 by KG Systems

Thank you all for your responses regarding a RTC for 16C84... Sorry if I
sounded like I was snip...snip...snipping.

Between all of your contributions ... the most recent of which included:

- Jordanis H.'s  ... use a Dallas DS1494 TIC (Time-in-a-can) chip
- Aaron S.'s ....... '54 source code for I2C
- R. Ivanov's ...... referral to AN541 & AN554 for I2C info and offer of
                    source code for I2C driver.
                    (which would be gratefully accepted if it is handy)

I think I've got plenty to work with!  I hope to be contributing answers
instead of questions in the near future.

Best Regards,

Dan Garlen

Kg Systems, Inc.    12 Prospect Street Bloomfield, NJ   07003  |
                   PHONE: 201-429-9300  /  FAX: 201-429-2298  |
                   EMAIL: ______________|

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