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'Real Time Clocks in Arizona'
1996\07\26@213334 by Brian Boles

    Yes, Arizona, in another gallant attempt to thumb its nose at the
    Federal government, does not allow DST.  So, in fact if you try to
    change a RTC to DST on a PIC it will RST.  Really! We designed it like

    Also, Arizona is the only state where you can legally buy Freon-12.
    Aside from the minor detail that there are no Freon manufacturers in
    Az and the Feds prevent it from being shipped in, we in Az aren't
    going to let them Feds tell us what to leak into the atmosphere.

    Yes, there is a reason why militia groups like to hang in Arizona.

    I know this doesn't have much to do with PIC, but its late and we've
    been designing far too many new PIC products lately....

    Rgds, BB.

>  > You can always move here to Indiana where most of the
>  > state does not observe daylight savings time :) I don't
>  > think Arizona(MICROCHIP) does ethier.

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