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PICList Thread
'Reading Parallel Ports'
1996\10\05@135808 by Miller, Steve

Howdy All,

I am involved in a Zilog project that will not run properly on an ICE
BOX.  Therefore we must burn chips to debug it.  We need to monitor our
internal RAM values, and have interfaced to a PC via a serial port.
However this slows the system down too much.

By now you all are wondering, "where is the PIC part?"  Well, here it is.
I am presently writing some PIC code to provide a faster clocked serial
link between the ZILOG part and the PIC.  The PIC will then output this
data to a PC in a parallel format.  My problem is how to read the PC's
parallel port fast enough.
My forecasted data rate will be about 20K byte per sec.  I wrote a QBASIC
program, but it cannot keep up.

My questions to the List are?

1.  Has any attempted this sort of serial to parallel conversion

2.  Where can I get a program that will read the parallel port of a PC
and store the retrieve values to the hard drive?  I have a bidirectional
printer port and can run either a DOS app., a WIN3.1 app., or a WIN95

Thanks for your help.

---- Steve

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