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'Reading IC16F877A AN0 and AN1'
2005\07\23@122909 by Vasile Surducan

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On 7/23/05, Augusto Yipmantin <> wrote:
> Dear Vasile,
> You are right; the potentiometer is wired as a divisor with the center
> pin wired to the AN0 and AN1 pins (two potentiometers I am using, one
> for each pin).
> The circuit is mounted in a proto board and the supply is a 12V@8Ah
> battery, so the origin of the noise maybe will be from the wiring.

 Almost impossible, a battery is the cleanest power supply ever
possible. Only if you are supplying also some automotive circuits
which are generating huge spikes (coils. etc) Check your software

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