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'Re1: [OT]fancy think: add a fan in air inlet of ca'
2005\03\22@052714 by rosoftwarecontrol

kilowatts? that means the fan from a house hold vaccum machine
will almost do. I have a used computer UPS, it can provide
110V/1000W with 12V battery. If I see positive
result from my smaller fan, may be to try this. but
with kilowatts range, I am sure it will affect
combustion of engine greatly. better or worse?

Of cource, if adding a fan worsely affecting engine
combustion performance, I will take fan off.
But that will happen after I test it.

Now, what I want is only to compensate pressure drop
caused by dirty of air filter. For fan, Air Flow Rate is proportional
to fan speed, pressure head is square of fan speed. I will try
to run my fan at higher voltage when Flow Rate is not enough.
The fan on my hand, looks strong and for high Flow Rate.

Now, I realize another point: cylinder movement of car engine,
is very good vaccum machine already. After measuring pressure in
different location, i will be a much better understand for adding a fan.

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Subject: RE: [OT]fancy think: add a fan in air inlet of car

> But Bentley's engine driven one, was engine driven because it needs
> kilowatts of power in order to make more power than it uses.
> JOn
> > {Original Message removed}

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