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'Re Pic switching AC'
1994\12\07@141427 by crocontroller discussion list


Using AC (triac method )to control the nitinol wires is possible. But I strongly
suggest that you use zero crossing opto isolators to do the switching. Check
out Digi Key for a selection of solid state relays. Everything you need for AC
switching in one package. A lot of the relays are TTL compatible.

The other scheme that you were refering to in your second post was using SCR,s
in a bridge configuration. This scheme is even more diffcult to emplement than

You could try the SGS Thompson L298n this is a TTL compatible Dual H-Bridge
capable of 1.5 amps per bridge. Standard chip used to drive Electro Magnets
Steppers etc.. I believe that Texas Instr. makes this chip also.

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