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'Re[4]: Graphical LCDs'
1995\10\30@183815 by BBoles

    Nope, I didn't transpose the digits.  I'm on pg. 351 of the #955
    Sept-Oct. 95 catalog.  I haven't actually used it, but the book reads
    that the controller is on board.

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Graphical LCDs
Author:  Paul Picot <spam_OUTppicotTakeThisOuTspamIRUS.RRI.UWO.CA> at Internet_Exchange
Date:    10/30/95 5:03 PM

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995 .....BBolesKILLspamspam@spam@CCMAIL.MICROCHIP.COM wrote:

> Digi-Key has some Optrex graphical LCD modules 240 * 64 pixels with controller
> on board.  OP64240N-ND $95.

Hey! Wait a minute! I just had a second look: the OP24064N-ND (I assume
you just transposed the digits above) seems NOT to come with controller:
it says it requires a HD1830B/MSM6255 controller set.  Sigh.  Add another
$30 or so and some headache.


1995\10\31@005859 by Scott Stephens

picon face
I've found some good deals on graphic LCD's though Timeline & Nuts & Volts.

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