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'Re[2]: your mail'
1996\10\17@155839 by Norm LeMieux

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    Microchip "improved" the use of SFRs in the midrange with respect to
    the TRIS and OPTION registers such that they no longer require special
    (read: CISC-type) instructions. Using their namesake commands, one
    cannot perform bit-oriented operations on the registers and must rely
    upon a show register taking up RAM when one wishes to, say, change one
    pin from an input to an output [if implementing an IIC port in

    Fortunately, the registers that were placed in the 'other' bank are
    typically those used for setup, and are not mucked with generally. So,
    most initialization routines go over there, muck with ALL the
    registers, then come back and STAY THERE. Not a requirement, simply a
    normal MO.

    Norm LeMieux

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