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'Re[2]: configuration bits'
1998\06\22@112117 by Martin Green

    Yep, the Needham's programmer's such as the EMP-10, EMP-20 and EMP-30
    allow you to program in the OSCCAL value directly, which is usually
    better than including it in your source code since this means you have
    to recompile every time you use a different chip. Remember when
    entering in the OSCCAL value in the memory editor that you must
    reverse the two bytes in the instruction since they are displayed as
    LLHH in the editor.

    CIAO - Martin.

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Subject: Re: configuration bits
Author:  pic microcontroller discussion list <spam_OUTPICLISTTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU> at
Date:    6/20/98 4:05 PM

>Hi there,

Hi Kurt!

>I am working with MPLABC using MPLAB V3.40.
>The PIC I use is a p12c509
>Anybody knows how to :
>        - intstruct the compiler to save the osccal value
>          ( this is placing movwf 0x5 at 0x000)

This is the best way of doing it.

The instruction at the end of memory (0x03FF for the 12C509, 0x01FF for the
12C508) should be:

org 0x03FF                             ;  Jump to the Last Instruction
 movlw  ConfigValue

UNLESS your programmer will allow it be be programmed separately.  I only
use a PICStart Plus, so I don't know how others work.

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