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PICList Thread
'Re[2]: Simulation on MPLAB'
1996\04\26@183713 by Pete Brink

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     The Beta version of MPLAB with the simulator is now available from
     the Microchip BBS.  It is in the INT-REL library.  To install this
     version of MPLAB you must download both MPLAB299.EXE and
     MPLAB299.W02.  If you want to use the PICMASTER emulator as well,
     you must also download PICMASTR.EXE from the same library.

     Have fun simulating.


     Pete Brink
     Senior Software Engineer
     Microchip Technology Inc.

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Subject: Re: Simulation on MPLAB
Author:  Norm Cramer <.....cramerKILLspamspam@spam@DSEG.TI.COM> at Internet_Exchange
Date:    4/26/96 8:24 AM


Could you let the list know when the software is posted to the BBS?



At 01:00 PM 4/25/96 -0700, you wrote:
>      We intend to post the Beta version of the MPLAB-SIM (MPSIM for
>      Windows) on our BBS under the name MPLAB299.EXE in the next day or
>      two.
>      [snip]

            Norm Cramer            Work:
         Texas Instruments         Home:
        Software Engineering       Voice: 214-462-4923
Embedded Real Time Systems         aka WD2AEM

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