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PICList Thread
'Re[2]: Pic list traffic'
1995\10\09@111404 by Willem Hijbeek

picon face
    Dear All

    Any advancements on the issue below ?

    Regards,  Willem Hijbeek
    Tempe Technologies

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Subject: Re: Pic list traffic
Author:  "Jaco Swart" <> at Internet_Exchange
Date:    8/19/95 12:16 PM

Moving to a newsgroup? Yes, let's!

In fact, we have talked about starting a PIC newsgroup for Gauteng
here at Technikon Pretoria.

Greetings, Jaco Swart                              we are
 Dept. of Digital Technology      Tel 27-12-318-5020     PowerWielding
 Technikon Pretoria, RSA          Fax 27-12-318-5688      Technology!

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