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'Re[2]: PSF20100.HEX'
1999\06\23@141816 by Darrel Johansen

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    Sam S Man wrote:
    >>I'm not very familiar with 17C series, do you agree with what Graham

    Absolutely.  The 17C and the 18C (and the new 16C87x) chips can all use
    program memory for storage of data that will not necessarily be able to be
    disassembled.  The only way the 12- and 14-bit core chips can store data in
    program memory (other than the 16C87x) is via the RETLW instruction which
    is always dis-assemble-able.


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Subject: Re: PSF20100.HEX
Author:  Darrel Johansen at MCHIP_AZ2
Date:    6/23/99 8:20 AM

    Sam S Man wrote:
    >>I just wish those guys from MChip
    >>can confirm this. (Are you monitoring guys?)

    The PICSTART Plus firmware v2.01 is functional, tested, and shipping
    with all new PICSTART Plus units.  We are not aware of any problems.

    Darrel Johansen

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