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'Re[2]: PICSTART Plus problems'
1998\06\09@185459 by Martin Green

    In Dr. Dobb's Journal about 2 (maybe?) years ago there was an article
    on writing a special ring 0 device driver that would allow access to
    any PC port _directly_ while running under NT. There was some example
    code to access the parallel port directly, which I tried out of
    curiosity, and which worked. There should be no reason why it wouldn't
    work with the serial port as well. Best of all, the code was already
    written. All one should need to do to make it work for the serial port
    is change the port addresses appropriately and recompile. Since the
    device driver runs at the ring 0 security level (the highest) it can
    grant access to any physical port, whereas the application programs
    run at a lower security level (ring 3 I think), which prevents them
    from accessing any physical port directly.

    This might make it possible to use all those serial port PIC
    programmers with Windows NT. Note that this device driver is probably
    not a good idea for a novice since messing with NT's security layers
    could be dangerous (read - data loss).

    Note that this stuff only works if you have administrator access to
    NT. The trick is to use a 3rd party utility to load the device driver
    _after_ NT has booted, then when you are finished you can unload it
    again to return NT to normal operation. A WWW link to this utility is
    provided in the article, it was written by someone other than the
    author of the article.

    A scan of the DDJ index at tells me that it was the May
    '96 issue.

    CIAO - Martin.

    P.S. if anyone gets their PICSTART to work under NT with this method,
    please let me know, I'm curious.

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Subject: Re: PICSTART Plus problems
Author:  pic microcontroller discussion list <spam_OUTPICLISTTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU> at
Date:    6/9/98 8:42 PM

PicStart Plus DOES NOT run on Windoze NT.
There are differences in the behaviour of the com apis between Win95 and
Microchip has not been able (does not want to) to correct this. If you
complain about this, all you get is an answer like "we are working on
it, but there is no schedule..."

BTW, same can be said about the Zilog ICE Interface for Windows. - Did
you know that they sell an Emulator for many of the Z8 MCUs for 99$?


Bo Berglund wrote:
{Quote hidden}

and/or when I enable the programmer. It si not always possible to enable it
> But if it was possible then I always get a message telling me to reset the
programmer (how is that done? no reset button visible). It simply will NOT work.
> What am I doing wrong here?
> Is MPLAB not compatible with NT4 maybe? But I also tried it on a Win95OSR2
system without success.....
> Please if anyone else encountered this problem and solved it, help!
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>               Encoding: base64

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