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'Re[2]: [PIC] EasyProg Problems'
2006\04\12@181124 by janko1


>   From a beginner's view, I would find comfort in the
> ZIF socket. ICSP was to complex when I started
> microcontrollers.  

What about Elnec' PIKprog+? Both, ZIF socket and ISP connector for
ICSP, available. It is comercial product, price below 200 USD. 16F88 and
dsPIC are supported. Details:

Best regards,

2006\04\12@214750 by kravnus wolf

picon face

contains the list of PIC programmers. You have 3
options there, PICStart +,ICD2 and PICKit2. ICD2 is
not bad but you have to get an extra module for the
ZIF socket. PICStart has no ICSP..... So that is out.
PICkit 2 is not bad. I do not know of Elnec' PIKprog+
and I do not KNOW of their support level. PICKit2 and
ICD2 has good support from the piclist itself and from
the microchip forum. I am assuming that you are new to
PIC mcu here.

A few things you have to look at:
1) Level of support from hardware updates*firmware*
and software that drives the programmer.
2) Where and who you can mostly likely get your
answers from? PICKit2, ICD2 ,PicStart +, EasyProg and
Wisp can be asked here, EasyProg is Olin who is
actually lives here :) and Wisp is Wouter.
3) Price.......
4) Lifespan of the product. A lot of co. charge  
  exorbitantly but they keep the product too short..
  The mention above is quite good. PicStart+ is the

I think that covers it. Anymore question?


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