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'Re[2]: [PIC]: Using MPLIB'
2004\09\22@183750 by Digiled dot com

Hello Jan-Erik,

>> Hello piclisters,
>>       Anyone using MPLIB ??

JES> First, have you checked what the documentation has to say
JES> about you questions ?
    Yes of course... thanks for the tip.

JES> Anyway...
>>       Is it possible to include multiple library functions in ONE
>>       library file (.lib)?
JES> One object file (.o)can have multiple "functions" or
JES> "code sections".
JES> One library file (.lib) can have multiple object files.
>>       Does mplib have porcedure markers (like PROC and ENDP) ?
JES> I'm not sure there are anything called "procedure markers" at all.
JES> What do you mean with that ? Maybe "code sections". They are defined
JES> in the ASM source code, not when using/executing MPLIB.
JES> Download and read the document :
JES> "MPASM Assembler User's Guide with MPLINK Object Linker and MPLIB",
JES> Best Regards,
JES> Jan-Erik.

Best regards,

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