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'Re[2]: [OT]Re: More sink current'
1998\06\18@144209 by Martin Green

    Tjaart, I know what you meant to say, but in you first paragraph you talk
    about collectors and emitters and then link them to Vdd and Vss, when you
    meant to say Vcc and Vee. Of course, it is with CMOS technology that the
    drain and source of the CMOS transistors leads to the terms Vdd and Vss.
    CIAO - Martin.

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Subject: Re: [OT]Re: More sink current
Author: at Internet
Date:    6/18/98 2:26 PM

Brian Jones wrote:
> Tjaart,
>             for those of us without an electronics background (OK so
> you might ask what on earth are we doing on PICLIST -in my case the
> answer is 'Learning!') would you live to explain further the naming
> of Vdd, Vcc etc.
In TTL (transistor-transistor logic) chips, the technology is based on
bipolar transistors. Since you connect the Collector of a NPN transistor
to the positive side, and the Emittor to the negative side, the chips are
marked with Vdd for positive, and Vee for negative (ground)
In CMOS (complementary metal oxide silicon) chips, the technology is
based on field-effect transistors. You connect the Drain to the positive
side, and the Source to the negative side, hence Vdd and Vss.
You can use this nomenclature to know if a chip is based on bipolar, or
FET technology. (Fet being MOS, GaAs etc)
I figured this out myself, so I could be completely and utterly wrong,
in which case I'll deny having ever said this <GRIN>
BTW, have you voted on my page ?
Friendly Regards
Tjaart van der Walt
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