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'Off Topic - Build your own AVR AT90s programmer'
1997\07\19@121050 by Jerry Meng

Hi All,
         I notice someone mentioned before about AVR RISK MPU,
just purchased two chips of AT90S1200 found it very nice like PIC
16C84, but the vendor of my universal programmer ALL-03A said
that they stoped support it. So these days I built a very simple PC
based programmer, very simple that it does NOT need a power
supply(Powered by PC printer port). Works OK I think. I'd like to
share my program freely with others, you can download the SCH
&PCB and DOS program from my home page:

BTW, is there a AVR mailing list out there?

Jerry Meng, BA1FB

1997\07\19@132048 by Kalle Pihlajasaari

Hi Jerry,

> BTW, is there a AVR mailing list out there?

There is an ATMEL mailing list available.  There has been a lot of
discussion about the AVR devices recently.  The list covers all ATMEL
semiconductor products but the new Flash micros are the top topic at
the moment.

The ATMEL list is now exactly 2 months old and has over 100 members.

You can find out how to join by visiting the following URL :

Kalle Pihlajasaari
Interface Products   P O Box 15775, DOORNFONTEIN, 2028, South Africa
+ 27 (11) 402-7750   Fax: 402-7751

DonTronics, Silicon Studio and Wirz Electronics uP Product Dealer
Handheld and OEM Garmin GPS receivers

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