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'Anyone tried building a Midi continuous controller'
1999\05\12@225757 by TKF/HVM

I have been planning to do this for a while but I would like to know if
anyone else has tried this. I would like to add some real time sliders to
my Keyboard. Has anyone took a stab at this one?
The only problem is that I dont want to always send controller messages
when the controller is not sliding . I only want to send controller
messages when the slider is moving. Any ideas??

Email me direct or post it here.

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1999\05\12@231123 by Peter van Hoof

I thought this was the only way for midi instruments  to communicate , only
send events on change,..... the reason why there is a note_on and a note_off
event instead of only a note one event


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1999\05\12@232257 by Brian Kraut

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Sounds simple to me if I am understanding what you want to do correctly.
Every so often do an A/D conversion for the pot.  Compare the value you get
to the last value which is stored in a buffer and jump to whatever you want
to do depending on weather the vales are equal(slider has not moved) or not.
I did something like this before with a joystick pot and didn't want to send
updates for small joystick changes so I had to subtract the current value
from the last value and see if te result was more than the hysterisis vale I

TKF/HVM wrote:

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1999\05\13@042542 by Ross Bencina

Check out:

DIY MIDI Controllers using PIC Microcontrollers and Basic Stamps

There's lots of info and links there including midi transmit source code for
the 16F84.

Although most of the info there relates to using various RC circuits to read
pots, I've actually opted for a tlc542 8 bit AD with 11 way input
multiplexing - i've used it to build a 11 knob midi knob box. I'm planning
to make a web page about it but havn't had time yet.

The problem with RC based pot circuits is that they are too slow (imho) to
use for scanning a lot of knobs, especially if you want to oversample to
reduce noise etc. Unless you already have the capacitors lying around the
tlc542 isn't much more expensive. Using an AD also allows you to interface
non resistive devices.

Hope that helps


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