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'[PIC] PICStart Plus Error'
2008\07\27@072147 by Richard Seriani, Sr.

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I apologize for the double post. Send first time without tag.

I have been running a PICStart Plus for several months with no problem.

I successfully programmed/reprogrammed a PIC16F883 four or five times
yesterday. The last time I tried, I got an error "Unsupported programmer
detected, EF." I double-checked that I had the correct chip selected and
even tried another (16F84A) - without success. Removing power  and
restarting the PICStart was no help. I tried restarting MPLAB and, then,
when that didn't help, I rebooted the computer. This morning, the symptom

A check of Google resulted in several hits on "unsupported programmer
detected", but they had different error codes (other than EF) and were
related to older versions of the PICStart Plus and/or MPLAB. I got no hits
on the phrase on the Microchip site, including in the forum.

Can someone tell me where I can find out what the "EF" in the error code
signifies? Has anyone else run into this and, if so, what did you do to
resolve it?

Thanks for the help.


2008\07\27@172841 by Clint Sharp

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In message <174301c8efda$eb3a3ab0$6701a8c0@RICHARD>, "Richard Seriani,
Sr." <> writes
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Try a flash upgrade. Mine went corrupt and caused all sorts of errors.
Solution was to reflash the PUM with a *full* version of the firmware
using a PICKit2, I suspect this may also apply to the newer flash
PICStart+ units as well.
Clint Sharp

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