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PICList Thread (w/full text)
1995\06\09@194717 by bboles
'IRDA #2'
1995\06\09@195133 by bboles
'More IRDA'
1995\06\12@094046 by Andre Breytenbach
1995\06\12@143102 by Mike Fahrion
1995\06\12@234204 by Doug Sellner
'More IRDA'
1995\06\13@134633 by David Boulton
'Some IRDA info'
1995\06\14@211130 by James L. Johnson
'More IRDA information'
1995\06\15@124613 by James L. Johnson
'Another IRDA source'
1995\06\21@134408 by Doug Smith
1995\06\22@085049 by Harrison Cooper

'IRDA Format'
1997\03\05@180140 by Miller, Steve
1997\03\06@034810 by Gvran Mvrk
1997\03\06@053553 by Cheng Tan
1997\03\07@110411 by Jeffrey Wingen
1997\03\10@052644 by Jeffrey Wingen
1997\03\10@102204 by Mike

'IrDA on PIC'
1997\04\02@184445 by John Dammeyer
1997\04\02@213854 by Mike Smith
'IrDA on PC (was :Re: IrDA on PIC)'
1997\04\03@020236 by Wolfram Liebchen
'IrDA on PIC'
1997\04\03@040053 by John Dammeyer
'IrDA on PC (was :Re: IrDA on PIC)'
1997\04\03@041753 by tefan Ranguelov
1997\04\03@092613 by Tom Handley
'IrDA on PIC'
1997\04\03@180911 by cj

'IrDA ?'
1997\05\11@085156 by Khawam
1997\05\12@064823 by Cheng Huat Tan
'IrDA ? cheap chip'
1997\05\12@104246 by wft
1997\05\12@113849 by Cheng Tan

'IrDA communication'
1997\10\02@083612 by Evgeni Nikolov
1997\10\02@122852 by Michael S. Hagberg
1997\10\03@030211 by Tom Handley

'slightly [OT] - light pipes and IRDA'
1998\02\12@114020 by Steve Lawther
1998\02\12@120015 by Keith Howell
1998\02\12@140810 by Darryl Newberry
1998\02\12@184126 by Andrew Warren
1998\02\13@055049 by Steve Lawther

'IrDA implementation'
1998\03\18@022108 by Calvin
1998\03\19@060608 by Caisson
1998\03\19@060608 by Caisson
'IrDA, USB and PIC/PC'
1998\03\19@073008 by Janusz J. Mlodzianowski
1998\03\19@073008 by Janusz J. Mlodzianowski
'IrDA implementation'
1998\03\19@233650 by kevindod
1998\03\19@233650 by kevindod
'IrDA, USB and PIC/PC'
1998\03\20@121629 by kevindod
1998\03\20@121634 by kevindod

'IRDA? How to?'
1998\04\06@150111 by rzeff
'IRDA ?? How to?'
1998\04\07@162145 by Nikola

'IRDA ?? How to?'
1998\05\08@014814 by kevindod
1998\05\08@023641 by William Chops Westfield
1998\05\08@032611 by HŒvard T¿rring
1998\05\08@045930 by Theo Markettos
1998\05\08@091152 by HŒvard T¿rring
1998\05\08@102955 by kevindod
1998\05\09@022804 by keller
1998\05\09@231708 by kevindod
1998\05\10@015117 by kevindod

'Sync -> Async (IrDA) -> Sync serial conversion des'
1998\07\07@110526 by Troy Curtiss
1998\07\08@031106 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

'IRDA for PC with Pic'
1998\08\21@065334 by Quentin
1998\08\21@092335 by Peter L. Peres
1998\08\21@094743 by Craig Webb
'IRDA with PIC'
1998\08\26@114815 by rakelogthomas
1998\08\26@114815 by rakelogthomas

1999\01\15@072506 by Goovaerts
1999\01\15@081537 by Scott WALSH
1999\01\16@074000 by Goovaerts
'Still searching IrDA-software for PIC's'
1999\01\19@165124 by Goovaerts
'IrDA (Ray Doerr !!)'
1999\01\21@062146 by Goovaerts
1999\01\21@063806 by Ray Doerr
'Still searching IrDA-software for PIC's'
1999\01\21@103031 by Cheney, Joseph

'[SOT] IrDA interface circuit'
1999\03\29@055446 by D. Schouten
1999\03\29@100030 by Mark Willis
1999\03\29@110309 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\03\29@135734 by ry (Nahum Tchernihhovsky)
1999\03\29@142023 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\03\29@143641 by Mark Willis
1999\03\29@145314 by Wagner Lipnharski

1999\08\09@093518 by Stefan Pons
1999\08\10@094516 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\08\10@100612 by Stefan Sczekalla-Waldschmidt
1999\08\10@134533 by Tom Handley
1999\08\10@140019 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\08\10@153544 by Tom Handley
'[OT] Re: IRDA parts, reels, and humidity'
1999\08\12@175707 by paulb

'IrDA implementation'
1999\09\02@041127 by Federico Yan
'IrDA protocol'
1999\09\02@122424 by Federico Yan
1999\09\02@185150 by Robert Diederichs

'IrDA for PIC'
1999\10\13@173256 by EE CoOp
1999\10\13@174135 by eplus1

2000\01\06@010437 by netquake
2000\01\06@045035 by Ken Webster
2000\01\06@100004 by Scott Dattalo
2000\01\06@123435 by Dwornik, Sebastian
2000\01\06@140822 by James Newton
2000\01\07@061441 by Dave Ward
'Information sought on PIC - PC IRDAinterface'
2000\01\24@190935 by Russell McMahon

'IrDA Communications Update'
2000\03\23@182428 by Mark Newland
2000\03\23@222130 by Dan Michaels
2000\03\23@230046 by Dan Michaels
2000\03\24@034250 by Terry
2000\03\24@110809 by Dan Michaels
2000\03\24@122415 by Mark Newland
2000\03\24@123837 by Dan Michaels

'[PICLIST] Adding IrDa to motherboard'
2000\08\18@143353 by Peter L. Peres

2000\10\20@061413 by Victor Ong
2000\10\20@095953 by M. Adam Davis
2000\10\23@071312 by Scott Dattalo

'[SX]: Irda VP doesn't establish the connection wit'
2000\11\11@184930 by Frank
'[PIC]: PIC with SX irda stack'
2000\11\11@194908 by Frank
2000\11\12@001146 by Randy Glenn
'[EE] : IRDA'
2000\11\14@095407 by Null
2000\11\15@164808 by Mark Willis

2001\04\13@165654 by Harold M Hallikainen
2001\04\13@200821 by Dan Michaels
2001\04\14@091528 by Stephen B Webb
2001\04\14@095128 by Jason L DeVore

'[PIC]: IrDA'
2001\12\02@231208 by Salah
2001\12\03@133003 by Simon-Thijs=20de=20Feber?=
2001\12\03@213448 by codefreeze 0
'[EE]: IRDA RS232 interface'
2001\12\19@010824 by Richard Sloan
'[OT]: IRDA tranceivers'
2001\12\19@151715 by Richard Sloan
2001\12\19@154910 by Louis Davis

'[OT]: IRDA modules'
2002\04\12@162045 by Richard Sloan
2002\04\12@173019 by Gregory D Wagner
2002\04\13@011329 by Timothy J. Massey

'[PIC]: IrDA'
2002\05\29@083433 by Nick Hardy

'[EE]: MCP2150 IRDA Controller'
2002\07\08@063552 by Richard Stevens
'[PIC]:IrDA and usart synchronous master mode'
2002\07\12@111435 by Jason Neudorf

'[ot]: IRDA Transceiver'
2003\02\04@114654 by Anand Dhuru
2003\02\04@142020 by Andrew Warren
'[EE]: IRDa operation'
2003\02\05@225812 by Anand Dhuru

'Hooking up an HSDL-1001 IrDA transceiver to a bre'
2003\03\14@080806 by Rick Regan
2003\03\14@081227 by Rick Regan
2003\03\14@082217 by Alan B. Pearce
2003\03\14@083308 by Hazelwood Lyle

2003\05\27@133134 by Alex Kilpatrick
2003\05\27@135149 by David VanHorn
2003\05\27@140901 by Robert Reimiller
2003\05\27@142446 by Alex Kilpatrick
2003\05\27@154540 by Brent Brown
2003\05\27@162242 by Talmage Wesley
2003\05\27@163848 by Robert Reimiller
2003\05\27@164053 by Talmage Wesley
2003\05\27@172119 by Rick Regan
2003\05\27@184425 by James Caska
2003\05\27@195424 by Rick Regan
2003\05\27@195639 by David VanHorn
2003\05\27@200509 by Robert Reimiller
2003\05\28@065154 by Brent Brown

'[EE]: IrDA and groundplanes'
2003\06\17@185609 by Alex Kilpatrick
2003\06\17@191033 by David VanHorn
2003\06\17@192908 by Alex Kilpatrick
2003\06\17@194155 by David VanHorn
2003\06\17@200225 by Alex Kilpatrick

'[PIC]: IrDA bit protocol issue'
2003\07\02@120553 by Alex Kilpatrick
2003\07\02@131452 by Alex Kilpatrick
2003\07\02@140554 by Talmage Wesley
2003\07\02@141218 by Talmage Wesley
2003\07\02@150920 by Alex Kilpatrick
2003\07\02@152042 by Tim ODriscoll
2003\07\02@164541 by Alex Kilpatrick

'[EE]:IrDA connection from Zire71(OS 5.x) to MCP215'
2003\08\22@050137 by Stefan Suffa
2003\08\22@161226 by Doug Hewett

'[EE]:IrDA message selection from a menu'
2003\09\04@125613 by Doug Hewett
2003\09\04@125821 by Doug Hewett
'Infrared / IrDA Communications'
2003\09\09@090548 by 8859-9?B?1m1lciBZYWxo/Q==?=
2003\09\09@102752 by Vmer Yalh}
2003\09\09@103827 by David VanHorn
2003\09\09@111331 by =?us-ascii?Q?Omer_Yalhi?=
'[EE]: Porting IrDA stack to microprocessor.'
2003\09\11@173913 by Doug Hewett
2003\09\11@183917 by David VanHorn
2003\09\12@103506 by Mike Hord
'[EE]: IrDA, monitoring test equipment, recommendat'
2003\09\15@165157 by Doug Hewett

'[EE]: MB IrDA header, again'
2003\10\23@142537 by Mike Hord

'[EE]:IRDA Problem'
2004\01\07@075229 by #LEE CHUN YONG#

'[PIC] implementing IrDA standard on PIC18 '
2005\01\06@213643 by p.cousens
2005\01\10@011651 by onio (Nino) Benci

'[EE]: Irda controller during 'disable' mode'
2005\03\07@150925 by Rick Thompson

'[OT] irDA interface - UART required?'
2006\01\10@100534 by alan smith
2006\01\10@100601 by alan smith
2006\01\10@134227 by Mike Hord
2006\01\10@170050 by Wouter van Ooijen

'[EE] IRDA here to stay?'
2011\06\03@111724 by Sean Breheny
2011\06\03@113441 by Herbert Graf
2011\06\03@114234 by Mike Harrison
2011\06\03@114952 by William \Chops\ Westfield
2011\06\03@115657 by Charles Craft
2011\06\03@120244 by alan.b.pearce
2011\06\03@120453 by Michael Watterson
2011\06\03@124630 by Oli Glaser
2011\06\03@131610 by Mike Harrison
2011\06\03@133059 by Herbert Graf
2011\06\03@134706 by doug metzler
2011\06\03@135412 by Sean Breheny
2011\06\03@135750 by Michael Watterson
2011\06\03@135758 by doug metzler
2011\06\03@135931 by Michael Watterson
2011\06\03@141132 by doug metzler
2011\06\03@143654 by Wouter van Ooijen
2011\06\03@144453 by Michael Watterson
2011\06\03@144851 by Michael Watterson

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