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'[EE] Servo control questions'
2008\07\16@100027 by olin piclist

face picon face
Apptech wrote:
> In the technology of the day, a (TTL) 74121 monostable and
> perhaps a 7474 or 7476 as a latch would allow a 2 IC
> solution, with a bit of head scratching to deal with dead
> time.
> Aaaagh !!!

Nah, that one's for you upstarts after TI wussed out and went with those
annoying European standard logic symbols.  Back in 1976 they drew it right:

I haven't used 74 series logic chips in a long time for performing logic.
Yesterday I needed to convert a 3.3V digital signal to a 5V digital signal
in a one off circuit, and one of the old 74 series logic chips with their
TTL input thresholds came to mind.  That's when I realized the labels on
those drawers were so old that most of them had dried out and fallen off.  I
was just going thru the inventory and making up new labels when I read your
message.  I also discovered I have about 20 74121 in stock.  Not 74LS121 or
74HC121, just 74121.  I'm pretty sure the last time I bought any of those
was in college in the last 1970s when the TI TTL Data Book was essential
equipment for every EE.

Embed Inc, Littleton Massachusetts,
(978) 742-9014.  Gold level PIC consultants since 2000.

2008\07\17@042403 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
>Nah, that one's for you upstarts after TI wussed out and
>went with those annoying European standard logic symbols.

Yeah, I cannot stand those square block logic gates. What is wrong with the
old style and,  or and xor symbols. The IEC symbols for small items just
don't make a lot of sense ...

Alan (who occasionally has to refer to the standard when setting up symbols
in ECAD ...)

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