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'[BUY]: shipping and handling charges...'
2006\01\02@192421 by William Chops Westfield

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> If someone comes into the shop and buys something, then
> they should be able to pay less than someone who has the same item
> shipped.  The difference should be the cost of  the postage, the cost
> of the materials used for packing, and the cost of the labor involved
> in packing and shipping.
I would guess that you've never actually operate a retail storefront,
in that case!  I am frequently amazed that actual storefronts ever
manage to come anywhere close to the prices that a mail-order
warehouse manages to achieve...  The objection to "handling" charges
is really along the lines of "anything you buy anywhere has some
handling expenses associated with it; how come only the mail-order
places are so bold as to pass that cost on to the customer instead
of hiding it in their prices..."


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