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'Rc Speed Contorl Source'
1997\05\20@085724 by Jason E. Brown

Well , I have gotten a lot of "mee too's" about this code..

you can get it at

After some testing and twiddling, I have decided to scrap the
one PIC for 2 motors code and I am going to just one motor per chip.

This will of course give me better resoulution (and simpler code)

The code I posted works..  sort of.  It needs a lot of tweaking in the
lookup tables and an error routine for pulses that cause the counter to

I will leave it up for about another week.

I'm almost done with the code for one motor..  I'll let you know when I
have something...

Jason E. Brown
Other Worlds
3801 Dayton Blvd
Chattanooga TN 37415
(423)870-1074 = business.   = me.

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