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1994\10\06@092207 by crocontroller discussion list


I am amazed at the response that I have received due to my inquiry about
your product the FRAM serial eeprom. All of the comments that I have
recieved so far have been very positive and it looks like you have just
earned yourself a new customer. I have a new project coming up a speed
transducer based off the 16c71 and your product will be there. Thank you
for your efforts and I look forward to the data book.

(My only fear in this competive job market is becoming uninformed)

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Joseph D. West
Electronics Lab. Supervisor
College of Mechanical Eng.
Ohio State University

(614) 292-2845
Fax (614) 292-3163

2004\10\27@062435 by redtock8
Hi Bob,
I would like to play with your app note
that you did for ramtron. Do you have it in a form
that I can cut and paste?
DXTron Technology Inc
Atlanta, Ga
PCB Assembly
TH and SMT
PIC Chip Programming
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