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'RV: Ideas to use a RTC moduleII'
1998\10\29@192718 by Ricardo Ponte G

       Thanks to Mr. Steve and Mr. James for the reply.

       ...and Mr. Steve, the part number is  NJU6355E.
> De: Steve Lawther <>
> A: "Ricardo Ponte G"  <>
> Asunto: RE: Ideas to use a RTC module
> Fecha: Jueves 29 de Octubre de 1998 01:37 PM
>      hi,
>      Which exact JRC part are you trying to use? NJU6355? which suffix?
{Quote hidden}

> don«t
> have good response.
>         There are two pins to place a crystal (it has a controlled
> oscillator, f=32.765Khz) and in one of these the block diagram of the
> datasheet says that it«s an output of the oscillator.  Well, I use a
> Khz cristal and then measure the outpun pin and there is no output
> frecuency.
>         What«s happening with the oscillator ????
>         After it, I made some code with the serial protocol, I send to
> module only the  97 year (LSB first) and then  I«ve tried to read only
> first bit.  In the Read mode the RTC outputs the LSB first of it«s time
> registers, first the Year and go on.  Well I hope to read 1 because the
> year 97 but I don«t read it from the RTC.
>         Somebody have ideas or some code that can Help me with this.

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