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'RS232 to multi PIC'
1997\05\10@201345 by Alex I. Torres

  Hi All!

> I want to send an RS232 signal ( one way only ) to several
> PICS. All the PICS (Probably 16c73's) will be in the same
> box. Is there any reason why I can't use one MAX232 or
> similar device and distribute the output to 3 or 4 PICs Rx
> pins. I think it should be ok but just checking to make sure
> there are no gotcha's. Thanks.

If Your receiving PICs are in the same box - why you
using +-12v levels ?????? Send CMOS-levels and never mind
about MAX232 !

btw, MAX232 - expensive device(as all MAXIM's), the best
solution is Analog Devices AD202 (232) - it's more cheaper.

  Best Wishes, Alex Torres.
  Kharkov, Ukraine, exUSSR.
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