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'RS232 receive'
1999\01\16@191541 by jmnewp

I finally tried to tackle this problem myself and am having some
difficulties.  I am simply attempting to shift in every bit from an
eight bit data stream off of a 9600 asynchronous serial line.  I am
using an rs 232 to ttl convertor so the line going to the receive pin
(porta bit 0) will start of high.  The program then polls for the pin to
go low, and then when it does that, it delays the inverse of 9600 plus
half of that so it may then read the bit in the middle of the next bit.
This would be 104+52=156us.  I then shift the first bit in, decrement a
counter to tell me if I've gotten all of my bits, then go back to a
delay loop which runs for another 104us.  the thing doesn't
work.  my code is below, and if someone could take a look at it that
would be wonderful.  thanks


;should receive serial char in shiftreg at 9600 baud and output the 8
bit value to portb
;serial in pin is porta bit 0 with 4.00Mhz clock

porta           equ             0x05
portb           equ             0x06
count1          equ             0x0c
shftcnt         equ             0x0d
shiftreg        equ             0x0e
w               equ             0
f               equ             1

#define         rx              porta,0

               org             0x000
               goto            start

start:          movlw           0x00
               tris            portb                   ;portb outputs
               clrf            portb
               movlw           0xff
               tris            porta                   ;porta inputs

dia:            call            rxin
               movf            shiftreg,w              ;move char to w
               movwf           portb                   ;display on portb
               goto            dia

rxin:           clrf            shftcnt
               clrf            shiftreg
               clrf            count1
               movlw           .8                      ;setup bit count registe
               movwf           shftcnt

wait4sb:        btfsc           rx                      ;wait for start bit
               goto            wait4sb

               movlw           .16                     ;setup for 56us delay
               movwf           count1
jon:            decfsz          count1,f
               goto            jon

wait:           movlw           .32                     ;setup for 104us delay
               movwf           count1

decreg:         decfsz          count1,f                ;delay
               goto            decreg

shift:          comf            porta,f                 ;take complement because
line driver switches
               rrf             porta,w                 ;rotate into carry
               rlf             shiftreg,f              ;rotate out of carry
               decfsz          shftcnt,f               ;done?
               goto            wait                    ;nope


1999\01\16@195521 by Ben Stragnell

> shift:          comf            porta,f                 ;take complement becau
se line driver switches
> polarity
>                 rrf             porta,w                 ;rotate into carry
>                 rlf             shiftreg,f              ;rotate out of


Port A is all inputs, so "comf porta,f" will not do much for you.
If you want to negate the input, I guess you could do:

       rrf     porta,w
       rlf     shiftreg,f
       movlw   1
       xorlw   shiftreg,f

or something similar, instead of the instructions above. Alternatively,
simply comf the output once you've received all 8 bits.

Also, I think your main loop timing is off by a cycle, but at 9600 that
shouldn't affect you too much (remember that on the last iteration of a
decfsz loop, you don't execute the 2-cycle goto, but you do a 1-cycle
skip instead, so the loop actually consumes 3n-1 cycles).

Are you seeing any data at all? Garbled data? Inverted data?



1999\01\17@130908 by Mike Keitz

picon face
On Sat, 16 Jan 1999 18:28:34 -0800 MARK D NEWPORT
<> writes:
>I finally tried to tackle this problem myself and am having some

It would be helpful to us to describe exactly what the problems seem to
be.  Looking at your code briefly, I see one minor problem and 2 major

A "comf PORTA,f" will do nothing to change the input value.  To invert
the data, I'd complement the shiftreg variable after all the bits are
shifted in.  But, you don't want to complement the received data.  If you
use an inverting line reciever, zero data bits will read as low on the
pin.  So the routine is OK as it is, just delete the comf.

RS-232 data is transmitted LSB first.  Thus you need rotate *right* into
the shift register, not left.  After 8 shifts, the LSB (which was
received first) will be in its proper position.  [A common optimization
is to initialize the shift register to 10000000, then test the flag after
each rotate to see if the 1 came out.  When it does, 8 bits have been
received.  This avoids the need for a bit counter variable.]

Your routine returns immediately after taking the sample at the center of
the last bit.  If you call it again right away (which you do) and the
last bit transmitted was a zero, the routine will falsely detect the end
of the last bit as a start bit, then go on to improperly receive a byte
at the wrong time.  If the line was idle, the byte received will be all
ones.  One work-around is to ensure there is a delay of at least 1/2 to
3/4 bit time (preferably 1 bit time, but not any longer) between calls to
the receive routine to let the end of the last bit clear the line.  A
probably better approach is to be sure the line is high (inactive, a stop
bit) at the top of the routine, then start looking for a start bit.

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1999\01\17@235926 by jmnewp

I suppose I looked over these simple errors, and have now gotten
everything working perfectly, thanks everyone.


Mike Keitz wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1999\01\18@030908 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Ben Stragnell wrote:

> > shift:          comf            porta,f                 ;take complement bec
ause line driver switches
> > polarity
> >                 rrf             porta,w                 ;rotate into carry
> >                 rlf             shiftreg,f              ;rotate out of
                   ^^^             AAAHHHH!!!!!
                   rrf             shiftreg,f  ; belongs here!!!
{Quote hidden}

Furthermore, there is another logical error. See comment above!

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