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PICList Thread
'RS232 Programmers, etc.'
1997\05\06@101742 by Kevin J. Slater

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Some recent discussions about Linux, RS232 and such like..

> > . An RS232 programing board - I have found several including Jens Madsen
> >   programmer. Does anyone have a Blank PCB for sale??

I too have an interest in an RS232 version of a programmer. I looked at the Jens
programmer, which is very slick. However, the device I'd likely be driving this
with is a PDA. And
since the PDA is powered from 3 AA batteries I don't want to attempt to drive
the RS232
programmer from the PDA's port (even if I could). Does anyone want to take a
swipe at what
would be needed to modify the Madsen design such that it could be powered from
two 9v
batteries? (Ala Don McKenzie's PIC84PGM or DT001.)

I would take a stab at it myself, but my level of electronics knowledge barely
qualifies me to post
to the list.. <Grin>


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