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'RS-232 implementation'
1999\10\26@132155 by Kiley Dominie

Hello all.
I signed up for this list just yesterday and I am amazed by how many
people out there are willing to lend a hand...

I'm looking for information on RS-232 communications...most specifically,
C code for use with the USART...further to that, I was wondering if an
RS-232 implementation can be done using the regular I/O pins..comments?
I'm using the 16C774 (later I'll get the flash version to save time)

I'd very much prefer C code as I dislike assembly...that may send shivers
up some of your spines but its a personal preference :)

Any and all info would be welcome though...


Kiley Dominie
Senior Electrical Engineering Student
Memorial University of Newfoundland

1999\10\26@140918 by Jason Mielke

You might want to check out Forest Electronics Development.

they offer a PIC C compiler with a few libraries, one of which generates
RS232 on assignable pins.  Several other compilers also offer libraries for
this, such as Hi-Tech C (more money) and ByteCraft (even more money).

Jason Mielke
Chief Engineer
Bliss Commuications, Inc.

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1999\10\26@153515 by Jose Souto

Hi Kiley,
I posted few days ago such routines in a MIDI subject.
Check the real time list

Kiley Dominie wrote:

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