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1998\09\11@083456 by Sylvain Bilanger

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Hi, I'm looking for a Rx and tx pair of module that can transmit up to
1km? Does anyone know of such devices? I know of module that can
transmit up to 300m only...


>There are many Taiwan based manufacturers that make RF module.  There
>also many in UK & couple in Italy that I am aware of.  What is the
>elements that you are looking for.
>Norayr from
>SES Electronics

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1998\09\11@084944 by Harrison Cooper

Where is Andy during this discussion? He knows all about the ins and
outs of this stuff.  Basically, for license free operation, your range
will be limited.  For long distance, depending on what country you are
in, you have to use something in perhaps the 'business band' segment of
VHF or UHF.  But again, most frequencies are heavily used, and shared by
using a PL.

There are ways around this problem like all others, but depends on how
legal you want to be.  One possibility is to still use a low power
module, but if you have line of sight with the two units, use a very
focused multielement beam antenna, in some sort of yagi configuration.
Log periodic might be a good choice as well.  Might be tricky in getting
the alignment correct, and would have to be secure against movement, but
it might work.

1998\09\11@101249 by Craig Webb

I think it's called ProxLink (search the www) - it works up to 20 km at
high speeds.


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1998\09\12@051356 by Zack Cilliers

Have a look at

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From: Sylvain Bilanger <spam_OUTeldamirTakeThisOuTspamHOTMAIL.COM>
Date: 11 September 1998 02:36
Subject: Re: RF modules THAT CAN TRANSMIT UP TO 1kM...

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1998\09\12@102536 by paulb

Harrison Cooper wrote:

> Log periodic might be a good choice as well.

 Many people do not know what a log-periodic antenna is.  It is a very
wide-band, low gain Yagi-style antenna, equivalent to a two- or three-
element Yagi for *each* band, co-mounted.  Thus, often useful for TV.

 You will therefore get the same or better performance on one specified
frequency with a three element Yagi, better and much better with four or
more elements.  Much easier to build too!
       Paul B.

1998\09\12@111232 by Peter L. Peres

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> log periodic or 2-3 Yagi

In general for such an app a simple 2 or 4 dipole in front of solid or
welded-node mesh reflector gives the best results, is the most un-critical
in alignment and the least sensitive for reflections. The only trick is,
that without a proper balun, none of these antennas will do what it is
supposed to do. I've run more than once into situations where a simple
open dipole refused to work before a proper impedance transformer balun
was added. The 'wise' men who installed the things simply wired the coax
to the closed-loop dipole and then fought a loosing battle with the
zillion side lobes that resulted from this although there was enough power
available all the time...


1998\09\13@043332 by Russell McMahon

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Did anyone mention -

They have modules from as little as $US5.60 for a TX and $11.60 for
an RX (in 1's - prices reduce in volume) with >350 foot range and
5KBps data rate through to $23.80/$34.88 units with claimed >1/4mile
range and 50 KBps.

Don't know how good their product is but it looks good (pictures and
data on website) and they have a large quantity of tutorial material
and regulatory information.

1998\09\13@192154 by Lynx {Glenn Jones}

This summer, i did some work with two of the linx parts at mit, the RM and
the HP, not the surface mount LC. The RM is very straightforward and easy
to use, but it has limited range and bandwidth. the HP is considerably
better, having more power, more bandwidth, and 8 channels, but watch out
if you have a wavelan wireless network around, they dont agree with
eachother. One significant downside is the fact that you have to purchase
the evaluation board before you can buy just the chips. still a nice part.

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On Sun, 13 Sep 1998, Russell McMahon wrote:

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1998\09\14@015755 by Norayr S. Elmayan

RF solutions have one model that transmit 20km,


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