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'[OT] [WOT} Why did this car get a ticket?.. .'
2006\05\20@062610 by Russell McMahon
2006\05\20@064558 by Richard Prosser
2006\05\20@081009 by Jinx
2006\05\20@082449 by Spehro Pefhany
2006\05\20@084056 by Gaston Gagnon
2006\05\20@084836 by Howard Winter
2006\05\20@084853 by Herbert Graf
2006\05\20@100209 by Dave Lag
2006\05\20@102449 by Victor Faria
2006\05\20@113743 by Russell McMahon
2006\05\20@132801 by gacrowell
2006\05\20@133431 by gacrowell
2006\05\20@142631 by Gus S Calabrese
2006\05\20@165344 by Mauricio Jancic
2006\05\20@194713 by Roy
2006\05\20@200439 by Tom Sefranek
2006\05\20@203624 by Spehro Pefhany
2006\05\20@221810 by Tony Smith
2006\05\21@050246 by Howard Winter

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