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'RC Speed Controls'
1997\05\16@091702 by Andy Kunz

At 11:01 AM 5/16/97 +0200, you wrote:

>I have a cheap forward/reverse controller already and now I want to
>make one for racing (it's a Losi XX). So forward only, with low

The speed controls I have a strictly for boat racing, or for airplanes w/o
brake (Graupner Speed-400 and smaller).  The best of them was done by a
friend who developed the code for all the Astro Flight controls (in fact,
it is the basis for the Astro 212).  This is a 3KHz PWM, forward-only
control with _no_ setup required.  I have modified it to provide LED
feedback of OFF/FULL states, and changed it to a 12C508 part, and use the
Parallax assembler (I wish they or Tech-Tools would add conditionals and

I received JB's code, but have not looked into it yet, so cannot comment.
The basic concept, though, is to do everything at once, with priority given
to reading the incoming signal accurately (you'll never notice 1 long/short
PWM on the motor, but it will "glitch" if the incoming signal is read
incorrectly).  It is multi-threading w/o interrupts!

>ESC should have? I don't know whether I should bother with braking
>because the car slows down quite quickly after setting the control to

You need to find out why.  Something is wrong with your car.

The other features are useful and, to my friend who races nationally for
Futaba, Novak, and others, very necessary to be very competitive.  (He uses
my controls for boat racing).

>Also, I
>don't know if it useful to have an LED output that indicates when full
>power is being applied.

Good for setup and safety.

>Basically, the only thing I know that I want
>is the forward only MOSFETs with low resistance.

I use Siliconix SMP60N03-10L parts because they are reasonably efficient
and the price is right ($1.50 @ in tube quantities).

<Major snip>

>        1. Forward only
>        2. braking
>        3. over-temp cutout
>        4. torque limiting
>        5. one-touch setup
>        6. LED indicator
>I am tending towards features 1, 2, 5 and 6.

1 is easy
2 is easy
3 is totally unneeded if you set up your car/boat/plane properly.
4 is important depending upon the type of racing you do, I'm told.
5 is probably important if you want to sell them, otherwise just code it to
match your radio.
6 not needed if you make it just for you.


Andy Kunz - Montana Design - 409 S 6th St - Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
         Hardware & Software for Industry & R/C Hobbies
       "Go fast, turn right, and keep the wet side down!"

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