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'R: Re: WDT vs. MCLR resets'
1998\11\01@163830 by Leonardo De Palo

Hi PICer,

I would ask to you if you continue to receive the EMAIL from PICLIST.

Starting from your following message I do not have received any new PICLIST

Thanks for your answer.

Leonardo De Palo

-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: Eric Earnst <earnstspamKILLspamSPRINTMAIL.COM>
Data: gioved“ 29 ottobre 1998 6.53
Oggetto: Re: WDT vs. MCLR resets

>Unfortunately in the 73A, /PD is U for MCLR resets during normal
>operation (from the table you referred to).  It is 0 for MCLR reset
>during sleep or interrupt wake-up from sleep.
>{Original Message removed}

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