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'R: Re: Car tacho / Lawn mower tach'
1998\04\02@184858 by Dr. Leonardo De Palo

I'm interested in the part of the schematics for pick-up the signal from the
spark, to be used for my  idea to build an RPM LED indicator with PIC.
Could you please send me the schematics

Thanks in advance

Leonardo De Palo

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Da: Michael Hagberg <.....mhagbergKILLspamspam@spam@SIGNALHILL.NET>
Data: giovedl 2 aprile 1998 19.12
Oggetto: Re: Car tacho / Lawn mower tach

>would this circuit work for a lawn mower tach, could the pick up be just a
>piece of wire wrapped around the spark plug wire a few times?
>could you please email your circuit to me at
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