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'R: Re: About serial port scoping'
2000\05\25@042640 by tenaglia

picon face
Hi Mark,

due the list  on in
do you remember the name of the file rhat shoiw in different color the send
an receive??



{Original Message removed}

2000\05\25@150909 by Mark Willis

I should find my commercial program some day when I figure out where the
old 486DX33 comms machine was lost in the move, I'm looking for an open
source newer one though.  Want to make one I can use somewhat flexibly
<G>  Been so long since I last used it I don't remember!  I know that
there are a fair number of commercial packages.


spam_OUTtenagliaTakeThisOuTspamBIGFOOT.COM wrote:
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> {Original Message removed}

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