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PICList Thread
'Quick Poll'
1999\09\27@135812 by mark willis

Tell you what, folks - I'm still moving, but that's coming to a close
(Despite the many problems, I'm getting it done.)  So will have more
time soonly.

Can those who really are considering Unsubscribbling here due to
discontent with the current list situation, please send me a message
(I'll summarize 'em & report to Jory.)  I'm sure he doesn't mind a low
disgruntlement ratio here, but if it's huge he probably wants to know.

If you'll make a new message, with "Quick Poll" as the subject line, or
just reply to this (I set it to reply just to me - Safest to make a new
message, if you're unsure how your browser works), and tell me what
disgruntles you, that'd give us some good info.  With I had a
Poll-taking application, that's for later on though (I'll look & see
what automated goodies I can find.)

If you'd tell me what the source of your discontent is, I'll try to
categorize (if appropriate) your comments in my report to Jory.  Should
have some interesting info off this.

I'll summarize Friday morning, to give eneryone plenty of time to think
& so on.  No huge rush here (and I know some of you're pretty busy.)


1999\09\27@152131 by sharter

> Can those who really are considering Unsubscribbling here due to
> discontent with the current list situation, please send me a message

First off, thank you Mark for taking the time to do this. I think it
will be of great benefit to the list.

I probably will unsubscribe due to the high volume of off-topic
messages. You can't successfully filter them because people can't
follow simple standards such as the PROPER insertion of [OT] in the
subject line. Instead, you see {OT} (OT) [WOT] [Way-OT] [OT?] {OT]
"OT" and many other clever and/or lazy alternatives. Or, it's missing

Here's a perfect example from today's dandy collection:

"[WOT] Christianity questioned (was: Re: Accelerometer source(s)

Gimme a break!  Or:

"Non-Mercury Tilt Switches - Save the Whales"

Do we really need a lecture on saving whales?
Or, a debate on the social/political problems in East Timor?
Or a discussion on scaring/shocking/killing cats?

Oh, pleeeease! There are other forums for this drool. Take it off
line! Plus, if posters would exercise a little more restraint, maybe
others wouldn't feel compelled to respond. For example, there are
several topics which should NEVER be discussed: Politics, religion,
Windows (it is NOT spelled Windoze) vs. Linux and PC vs. Mac.

When you find that you are deleting 99.9% of the messages without even
reading them, it's damned difficult to see the return on the time

Flame me if you want, but do everyone else a favor and send it to me
directly. My email address appears below.


Steve Harter

P.S. I deliberately left the [OT] out of the subject line!

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