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'Question for the Audo (analog) Boffins.'
1999\11\22@190742 by Mathew Cohen


I am looking for a "simple as possible" preamp circuit to connect to a VCA
and allow the Audio imput to switch between Mic and Line Level with a gain
pot if possible.


Mathew Cohen

1999\11\22@233217 by Mark Willis

There are always those preamps made with 4000 series CMOS Logic parts?
Pretty simple, but I haven't done one in a long time (You let the
inverters act as an oscillator, they generate a voltage proportional to
your audio signal, anyone have the design handy?  If I were done moving,
...  <G>)

Some of the below may be duplicates mirrored, just quick possibilities
for you:

See also,,,, as well as (also

Also, is
about using a DRAM chip as an optical imaging device.  Interesting page
there <G>


Mathew Cohen wrote:
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