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'Question: Writing chars to LCD'
1999\04\30@202256 by hno

Hi Piclisters

I have a PIC16F84 hooked up with a 2 line LCD Display, and it is working
just fine. But I have a small problem. I can't write out an entire string
to the display. When I try to do it, the pic resets. The string is an array
placed in ROM. The putstring function is, in fact, only a loop which puts
out a char on at the time, and test for 0. When I just want to put out a
single char it is working fine. Therefore I wonder if it could be some sort
of compilerbug (MPLABC 1.21). I really hope that someone can help me, as
this is a problem for me. I am quite new to picprogramming, so any help
would be gladly appreciated. I can send the source, if anyone is willing to
help me.

Thanks in advance

Henrik Nowak
Electronics engineer student

'Question: Writing chars to LCD'
1999\05\03@020943 by Dr. Imre Bartfai
apply the ClrWdt instruction after sending every character.
I hope this helps.

On Sat, 1 May 1999, Henrik Nowak wrote:

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