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'Putting on weight.. .'
2006\06\22@031208 by Russell McMahon

I have a friend with cancer who is losing weight from secondary
effects quite apart from the cancer proper.
He is seeking to put on weight rapidly between chemotherapy cycles.
Anyone got better advice than lashings of steak and mashed potato?
(which is what I immediately thought of and is what in fact he
suggested too).

Google and recent reports says caffeine plus sugar taken at once tends
to build fat faster than otherwise

BUT caffeine raises cortisol and stress levels so probably unwise.


2006\06\22@040116 by Sena, Antonio Sergio

Hello Russell,

there are on the market some very good high quality protein shakes.
The best are 100% vegetarian, with high quality soya protein.
These shakes are specialy made for people that want to increase

I've taken some my self, as part of knowing the products i sell and
distribute. My weight increased so much in a months time, that i had
to start converting that fat into muscle, or else i would turn up
twice as large.

I would gladly send some shakes to you, but the overseas distance
makes it price prohibitive, yes? I am in Portugal.

Nevertheless, tell your friend that vegetable protein shakes are a
healthy alternative to common animal food.

kind regards,
Antonio Sergio Sena

O Mundo Natural
"Onde a natureza e a saude andam
    de maos dadas..."

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2006\06\22@100147 by Martin K

You don't have corn syrup-laden carbonated beverages there? That ought to
get anyone fattened up. Not good for the rest of your body though, it's a
type of chemotherapy in it's own right (for diabetes)
That is a difficult question, Russell! I've never heard anyone say they
were looking to gain wait. Maybe mashed potatoes for dinner and ice-cream
for dessert? I hate to say it but maybe fat is the best way to gain weight
without screwing up your blood sugar horribly (like any carbs will do)
A lot of athletes eat large amounts of protein supplements. If he can
physically exercise maybe trying to add on muscle weight would be
possible? - and more healthy.
Martin K

On Thu, June 22, 2006 7:12 am, Russell McMahon wrote:
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> -

2006\06\22@104053 by Martin Baker

picon face
My heart goes out to your friend. The treatment cures by killing the Cancer
only marginally faster than it can kill the patient. The will to live
defines that margin.
My only real recommendation would be the Sumo wrestlers diet.
Try Tapioca, Rice pudding and POI. Fatty fish like Tuna and Sardines. Rice,
rice noodles and meat broth. Barbecued pork. More rice and rice pudding.
Eat at rising, three times large meals, three times small meals and a large
amount before bed.
Best wishes and Bon Fortune

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2006\06\22@105108 by PicDude

Hmmm...  aren't protein shakes used to build muscle?  IE: it feeds the muscles
when bodybuilding?  For fat gain, I would think that carbs would be the best
way to go.

But, I strongly believe that this is the type of topic that should be quickly
answered by a nutritionist or doctor, who would make a safe decision based on
the specifics of the person.


On Thursday 22 June 2006 03:01, Sena, Antonio Sergio wrote:
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2006\06\22@145318 by Sena, Antonio Sergio


"" Hmmm...  aren't protein shakes used to build muscle?  IE: it feeds
the muscles
when bodybuilding? ""

Very true, but the person is not bodybuilding, so he will gain plenty
of fat mass, hence weight.

The reason that bodybuilders eat these shakes is that they get plenty
of fat to convert to muscle. Is not that accurate to say that proteins
feed the muscle, better, muscle is built from fat tissues. If you want
to feed the muscle after exaustion, L-Carnitine is very good.

Antonio Sergio Sena

O Mundo Natural
"Onde a natureza e a saude andam
    de maos dadas..."

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2006\06\22@181945 by Sven-Åke Larsson


First of all, truly sorry about your friend.
Second, is this really the right place to discuss nutrition?
Third, muscles are NOT built up with fat, they _are_ built up with proteins.


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